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We here at Crab Football are always on the look for news on what is happening in Premier League. And when we say news I mean ‘funny fictional articles that in no way shape or form are meant to be taken seriously.’


The Crab & Iron Crab



4 responses to “Contact us

  1. This website is genius. i think wayne rooney should be covered

  2. Hi there. I saw lack of new posts lately. I enjoy your posts and humor.
    Are you late with new posts as new website is being delayed or something else. I would hate to see your articles bite the dust.

    I am a professional web master and let me know if you need any assistance.

    Best regards,

  3. Cheers for the offer Val! is in the pipeline however after two weeks solid work on the site the hard drive containing all our data decided to give up the ghost and die.

    We didn’t want to bore everyone with these facts so we’ve decided to re-post on this site until our new home is up and running.

    We’re back for now and will let everyone know when we’re moving permanently!

  4. Could I suggest the Mystery of Harry Rotter and the Portsmouth purchases .Delve into why
    ‘Arry buys certain players and takes them from club to club [Crouch ,Defore and now possibly James ].Is it just to make up an innocent foursome poker game or something more sinister ?The mind wanders [ well it has been wandering since it hit the big 50 ],at what manner of depravity occured at Pompey that rats abandoned ship .Will it repeat itself at Spuds ?Not that they need too much help to start with.

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