Announcement! New Website is Go!

This way ladies and gentlemen

I know Crab Football teased you all with a new website many moons ago, in fact, like a lusty lady of the night I believe we hitched up our skirt some two months ago and taunted your bloodshot eyes with a tantalisingly beautiful logo of a crab against a football badge, an image seemingly crafted by angels versed with photoshop and so dazzling that it surely could not have belonged to this website……

You were right.

It belonged to our new flagship website which we predicted would set sail on the 1st of October. Which was then put back to the 7th October. And then the 14th October. And then we just took the post down because it got plain silly.

However, giddy almost like a school girl we’re pleased to, finally, announce the new site is go – so head on over to:

See you there!

The Crab.


2 responses to “Announcement! New Website is Go!

  1. Max… didn’t know you came to visit Guildford?!

  2. Yeah, we were going to google image a picture for this post but we thought we owed it to the fans to get a location photo.

    Took us ages to find someone with a suitable sign….

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