Vinnie Jones Cast as Gazza in Vinnie Jones Film Biopic


Newline Cinema performed a dramatic U-turn today, confirming sensational news that Vinnie Jones has been cast in the film adaptation of his best selling autobiography ‘Vinnie’ as footballer Paul Gasgoigne.

Fans had feared that there would be no place for Vinnie Jones in the film biopic, however studio chiefs, anxious to avoid any backlash from British cinema goers, have buckled to pressure and cast the British hardman in a cameo role as England maestro Gazza.

The film, directed by Love Actually’s Richard Curtis and starring Star Trek’s Chris Pine as the eponymous Vinnie, is currently being filmed in Budapest and slated for a summer 2010 release.

The Director told Total Film that he was delighted that Vinnie Jones had joined the cast and that Jones would also be acting as a ‘creative consultant’ on the project, explaining that the star’s presence would prove to be an asset to the production.

“This really is the best of both worlds,” enthused Curtis, “we want this picture to be as authentic as possible and having Vinnie there on set, however briefly, is the best way to ensure we stay true to the source material. It’s a shame Vinnie isn’t as young as he was as he’d have been perfect in the lead role, however once Chris had read for us we instantly knew we had our man. Vinnie’s audition was alright, but we didn’t feel he ‘got’ the role and could play himself. Chris however is exceptional and really captured what Vinnie is about, his charisma, his magnetism… It was almost like Vinnie was in the room! When Vinnie Jones sees the final cut he’ll be flabagastered by how much more Chris Pine is like him than he is himself.”

Jones is said to be disappointed to have failed in the audition to portray himself, but is just happy to be involved in the project ‘in some small way‘ and that his tea making skills will be ‘inspirational.’

The movie, charting Jones’s rise from hod carrier to FA Cup winner and described by one crew member as ‘A Star is Born meets absolute fackin’ nutters’, is due out next summer.


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One response to “Vinnie Jones Cast as Gazza in Vinnie Jones Film Biopic

  1. Of course ! How brilliant !How can one not fail to
    ‘grasp ‘the sheer audacity of this casting.Who can forget that iconic moment [seen by millions ] when Vinnie comes to ‘grips’ with Gazza at the cornerkick.That close encounter resulted in that ironic grin/grimace on Gazza’s face which persists to this day.Many say he lost his tenor like voice in that incident

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