Darren Bent: No Longer Facebook Friends with Daniel Levy


Last Friday saw unprecedented scenes at White Hart Lane as Darren Bent was forced to offer an apology  to Daniel Levy after trying to push through his transfer to Sunderland by tweeting “Do I wanna go to Hull? Like f**k. Do I wanna go to Stoke? Christ no. Do I wanna go to Sunderland? Not in an ideal world but it’s the best of a bad bunch…”

The star forward finally got his wish today, completing his protracted £12m move from Tottenham to Sunderland, but this only served to instigate more bad words between the pair. The BBC is reporting that at 8:15pm Darren Bent, unable to contain his relief, changed his facebook status to “Darren Bent is well relieved.”

This off hand comment has escalated into a full on cyber war between himself and Daniel Levy, with the Spurs supremo changing his status to “Daniel Levy is relieved to have £12m, not bad for a bench warmer! Now what shall I do with all this money? LOL”

Bent, not one to take things sitting down, unless you count warming the bench, fired back with a stinging riposte “Hmmmm I dunno , buy another 17 full backs? You’ve only got Naughton, Walker, Gunter, Bale, Gilberto, Corluka, Chimbonda, Hutton and Assou-Ekoto. You’re gonna need a bigger bench!”

Mr Levy wouldn’t take that lying down, replying ‘within three minutes’ with “Good shot! If you could do that on a weekly basis we wouldn’t have bought Pavlyuchenko – pwned!” A comment that Jermain Defoe ‘liked.’

Things were getting heated but soon went supernova when Bent uploaded a picture of a female labia and tagged Daniel Levy on it.

Daniel Levy responded to this by posting a ‘note’ on Tottenham Hotspur’s official website stating he was ‘going to sue the shit out of Darren.’

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2 responses to “Darren Bent: No Longer Facebook Friends with Daniel Levy

  1. fantastic! “…. A comment that Jermain Defoe ‘liked.’”

  2. MORE PLEASE!! thanks for this.

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